Stacey Rutland

Founder & President
Empathy. Focus. Strategic vision.

Stacey's path to establishing Income Movement was by no means a straight one. Her degrees in English Literature, History, and Education led her first to the classroom and then to user experience research and design. Stacey co-founded Particle Design in Portland Oregon, a product design agency doing work with Fortune 500 companies like Samsung and Intel.

Her passion for economics, and background in technology led Stacey to fundraise and manage the volunteer technology team for Andrew Yang's presidential campaign in 2019. Through this experience, she began to understand the landscape of the larger basic income ecosystem. During conversations with UBI leaders, the idea of Income Movement was born.

Stacey brings clarity of vision to the mission and strategic roadmap for the broader movement for basic income. She believes in building impact across three strata: at the national level, building the right strategic plan to grow the movement for basic income and drive the political landscape towards federal legislation; at the community level, fostering highly collaborative coalitions across the basic income ecosystem so that every donor dollar and volunteer hour works towards the larger goal of a federal basic income; and at the organizational level, creating a culture of empathy and care while building a team with small egos and big ideas.

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Stacey Rutland


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