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We are on a mission, and we need you. Help us build a movement to pass a federal basic income. For ourselves and the next generation.
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Leading the charge to make basic income a reality.

Our economy is broken. Too often, the people who work the hardest and form the backbone of a healthy economy are those most vulnerable to financial hardship and insecurity. We believe it's time to recognize that we can design a system that works for everyone. And we believe Basic Income is critical for creating the healthier, more innovative, and just society we all deserve.

We organize grassroots energy into people-powered events and direct action, create and make available information and tools about basic income, and promote coalition building across organizations that work for social and economic justice.

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We believe in action.

Through well organized initiatives and programs we will inspire our political leaders to make bold economic policies that include basic income.

Basic Income March

Income Movement Foundation organizes the Basic Income March each year as a way to mark the growth of the movement and to show the mounting support for Basic Income. This annual Fall event is an opportunity for citizens around the country (and the world!) to march for Basic Income in the streets of their towns and cities.

This year’s March takes place on September 19. Let elected leaders know that you want to see real change in our economic system. Get involved now!

2020 Basic Income March

COVID-19 Congressional Action

The nature of Income Movement Foundation’s work is to respond consistently to the economic needs of our community, whenever we can. So, when COVID-19 struck, causing unprecedented suffering for our people and our economy, we came up with the COVID Action Plan. 

The goal of the COVID Action Plan is to empower people to pressure Congress to pass emergency Basic Income legislation that provides monthly payments to the people for the duration of the crisis. 

If you think Congress should do better, tell them now!

Congressional Action Plan

Basic Income

Income Movement Foundation is creating and sponsoring the Basic Income Community, an open digital platform for anyone interested in or supporting basic income. It is a way to bring together the supporters of Basic Income from across the globe. The goal is to provide a space to collect and nurture all of the great conversations, assets, ideas, and resources our community needs to support and grow the movement.

Highlighting our collective efforts in this forum, we will bring the latest and greatest together and welcome new and curious minds to explore Basic Income.

We will be launching the Basic Income Community Winter 2020.

Social Justice Alliances

Income Movement Foundation believes that economic justice is at the heart of most social justice movements and that one organization’s important work often supports or informs that of another. We developed the Social Justice Alliance Program to facilitate collaboration and sharing between diverse economic and social justice organizations. Strong alliances increase the effectiveness of individual initiatives and advance the cause of a federal Basic Income.

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Showing up in our community. Being part of the Movement.

Join us in October and November for a series of Roundtable Discussions on Basic Income, in partnership with the Inherent Good filmmakers. Sign up for events and get access to the film!

Inherent Good Events

Income Movement Foundation is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, in the heart of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Come have coffee with us and learn more about what drives us in the fight for basic income.


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